Who Is Full Service Conventions?


We are an organization of meeting and conference planners, exhibit & display managers, operations and production coordinators, Internet designers and programmers combined with marketing professionals from the tourism and destination management industries. We offer specific solutions for a changing future in regards to Orlando trade show photo booths and Orlando convention photo booths.


We at Full Service Conventions have invested considerable time and research into determining how a convergence of initiatives, given the right balance of usability, functionality and content – deployed via the Internet, could present solutions for a changing industry. This endeavor utilizes all applicable aspects of a traditional convention and/or trade show adapted into an interactive medium available to a target market that desires access to the very information that many organizations are increasingly challenged to deliver cost effectively. In other words, a place on the internet where one can facilitate a conference, convention, meeting or exhibition. We do not envision ourselves as content providers, but as facilitators – providing organizers and users a well-designed and extremely functional location to interact with each other.


As economies of scale are realized by all manner of organizations, the initial reaction is to protect the fiscal health of their respective enterprises. However, health is measured by a variety of factors – not the least of which is its ability to communicate ideas – informing and educating its internal primary resource in a timely and effectual manner. Increasingly effective means of communication has revolutionized the way business is conducted. Our concept is just a natural evolution of market forces at work. We believe that all the telltale indicators are pointing towards the business community and other major sectors having to develop or take advantage of new communications solutions that focus on replacing traditional forms of content delivery. In this instance, early adopters of our concept will need to embrace change – and to educate themselves and their target audiences on the need for a behavioral shift in human relations as applied to business realities.


It can be sourced from anywhere on the planet. Speakers and presenters don’t have to travel. Presentations can be broadcast from a variety of locations and combined into one seamless, engaging and informing experience – and it arrives at your audience’s desktop or mobile computer – on demand, you decide how and when the message goes out. We offer secure encrypted technology to ensure only registered users view the material you have deployed. Expand your horizons – invite a global audience, create new revenue and sponsorship opportunities – save money and increase the level of your content – the choices are yours.


We acknowledge that the human aspect – or hospitality and social characteristics of a gathering can be greatly impacted if one chooses to look at our concept as the sole means of content deployment. While we feel that in some cases, the Online Convention by itself will be sufficient for the needs of the user, we believe that physical meetings will always be desirable. It is our contention that by utilizing the Online Convention in conjunction with smaller, more specialized gatherings, that our concept truly begins to embrace the change that we are experiencing, and will provide a solution that addresses all of the needs of our evolving society.

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